Cheap Adjustable Dumbells in Canada!

We always tell people you don't need to spend a small fortune on weights and equipment to get a decent workout in your home gym, and these adjustable dumbbells are a perfect example. While we admit that there are many cheap adjustable dumbbells in Canada, many of these so-called affordable, low-cost options don't even come close to the quality and reliability associated with the type of adjustable dumbbells by big-name brands like Bowflex, NordicTrack, Core or PowerBlock. 

Allow us to introduce you to a set of budget priced adjustable dumbbells in Canada that are just as good as Bowflex but don't cost nearly as much!
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Looking for High Quality, Low-Cost Adjustable Dumbbells In Canada?

Great Quality with Better Design 

Adjustable dumbbells like the ones you see here are some of the most convenient workout equipment because they maximize comfort while giving you room to grow. Also, they fit in just about any size room or environment. However, compared to conventional dumbbells, they are often considered more expensive, and big-name brands like Bowflex, often touted as the best, are amongst the most expensive. 

These economical adjustable dumbbells in Canada are designed to be as good (maybe even better) than what's considered the industry-leading set by some of the larger brands. Many people who have used the Bowflex, including us, found it challenging to rerack the dumbbells. They often didn't sit well and rolled off, so we settled for storing them in a box. 

The design of these dumbbells make them easier to rerack. They can be racked like any other set of dumbbells and will not roll-off. They've been able to do this by slightly tweaking the design without compromising the function. 

Don't Break as Easily 

The Bowflex SelectTech are considered to be the best adjustable dumbbells that money can buy. However, if you read closely, they can't be used in a regular gym environment where weights are often dropped. In fact, if you dropped them even from two feet off the ground, that loud thud you hear is of the dumbbells breaking! You might probably not be able to adjust what is now an oversized paperweight!

These budget friendly adjustable dumbbells improve on the design making them more durable. While we don't recommend you throw them around, they can withstand a few minor drops. Our advice is to have some padding on the floor if you're going to use these dumbbells in a regular gym environment. 

Easily Replaces 15 Sets of Weights 

These low-priced adjustable dumbbells in Canada quickly replace 15 sets of individual weights allowing you to go from 5lbs to 52.5lbs with the twist of the dial. Speaking of dials, our dials are much softer and easier to twist. Unlike some of those over-priced dumbbells, the cold weather and age do not make the dial near impossible to twist and adjust the weight. This tweak alone means the dumbbell is a lot more versatile compared to the competition. 

Buy Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells in Canada at the Lowest Price!

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