Say hello to the #1 selling testosterone booster in Canada! TestoGen's unique patented formula contains only safe, all-natural testosterone boosting ingredients that are scientifically to proven to dramatically increase testosterone levels in men.

As we get older our testosterone levels begin to decline and it becomes increasingly more difficult to perform at our best whether it’s in the gym, in the bedroom or just during day-to-day activities. Now there is something you can do about it—safely, effectively & without a prescription!

Not to Worry Guys, There is Help at Hand...

No more forcing yourself out of bed and being irritated with everybody throughout the day, not more arguing with people just because they looked at you sideways. No more being constantly fatigued and wasting your life flopped in front of the television. No more coming up with excuses for not going to the gym or playing sports with the guys, and no more using your bedroom just for sleeping... It's time to start living life again!

TestoGen is a powerful testosterone boosting supplement that is guaranteed to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone. Testosterone is what separates the Men from the Boys and as it declines with age you begin to lose muscle and strength, put on more fat, lose bone density, become increasingly fatigued, and your sexual desire and ability to perform in bed is greatly diminished leaving your partner unsatisfied and you feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

With TestoGen you can change all of that, as it raises your testosterone to more youthful levels you will experience the following benefits:
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  • Taking TestoGen will get you back in the game. You’ll bounce out of bed in the mornings and be ready to tackle the day with more vigor, vitality and loads of confidence.

  • Kiss your excess body fat goodbye as your body’s natural fat burning process kicks in due to the increased level of testosterone.

  • Increased muscle and strength will be a welcome addition to your physical appearance as well as your overall performance as your new-found testosterone levels dramatically help you to pack on more lean muscle with greater strength and stamina.

  • Using TestoGen will allow you to get back to the gym and train longer, harder and with a lot more energy while at the same time protecting your heart as your cholesterol levels are lowered.

  • And best of all — Energize your sex drive and catapult your libido through the roof, your partner won’t know what hit them while you become an absolute rock star in the bedroom.
What Makes TestoGen the Most Powerful Testosterone Booster in Canada?

It's all about the ingredients baby!

Have you ever read the warning labels that come with prescription testosterone pills or injections? Well let me tell you, it ain’t pretty!

Detrimental side effects have been reported that include: Man boobs, shrunken testicles, elevated blood pressure, liver toxicity, aggression, roid rages (testosterone is an anabolic steroid after all), heart attack and stroke.

TestoGen is Different—It's 100% Safe, Natural and Has Zero Side Effects!

The unique formulation that goes into every bottle of TestoGen supplements and TestoGen Booster drops has been scientifically researched and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum results are achieved with utmost safety in mind.

Stay away from harmful prescriptions, boost your testosterone levels the natural way. The proprietary blend of eleven key ingredients works in synergy to safely & naturally increase your lagging testosterone to a level once reserved for your younger days.
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How Does Testogen Work?
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Red Ginseng Extract
Fenugreek Extract
D-Aspartic Acid
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Vitamin B-6
Vitamin K-1
Nettle Leaf Extract
Vitamin D

Ginseng root extract is well documented as being a natural aphrodisiac that stimulates your libido and aids in achieving stronger, longer lasting erections. When combined with the 10 other ingredients that go into Testogen it will not only help you in the bedroom but it will also improve your metal clarity, boost your physical strength and stamina, making you ready to take on the day!


Biroperine is a patented compund that has been extracted from the black pepper fruit (also known as Peper Nigrum) it has a dramatic effect on the bioavailability of all the other nutrients that it is combined with, meaning 
that a your body will absorb a greater amount of the ingredients in Testogen making them far more effective than they otherwise would be on their own.


Nettle leaf extract is derived from the Stinging Nettle plant and is widely used in holistic medicine as a natural way to effectively increase free testosterone in Men. It has the unique ability to bind with "sex hormone binding globulin" (SHBG), resulting in greater sexual prowess as well as increased muscle retention and physical stamina.


The concentrated herbal extract from the seed of the Fenucreek plant has been scientifically proven to significantly raise testosterone levels and increase the release of insulin which aids in muscle development and sexual function. Fenugreek extract is also a very potent antioxidant that helps to ward off harmful free-radicals so that your body can function more efficiently.


Zinc is a trace mineral that is naturally present in a variety of  foods , it has impressive testosterone boosting and aphrodisiac effects, it is often used in male enhancement formulas to help boost sexual desire, performance and stamina. Our body’s need Zinc to function properly so it is important to maintain optimum levels if you do any physical activity throughout the day.


D-Aspartic Acid assists in the body’s production of hormones, including testosterone, which in turn results in greater development of lean muscle mass as well as the ability to significantly improve strength & stamina. Researchers have determined that D-aspartic Acid can increase the production of Testosterone by a whopping 45% (or more) within a few weeks.


Boron is a micro-nutrient that can be found in certain foods, but is also quite abundant in the earth’s soil which is often where it is harvested from when being used in supplements. Study’s have concluded that free-testosterone levels are increased by as much as 28% when taking doses of Boron that are higher than what would be consumed through foods.


Magnesium has been shown to promote healthy sleep which is crucial for the production of testosterone. In one study it was determined that Men who took a daily dose of 750mg of magnesium saw an increase in testosterone levels of up to 26%. Most Canadians do not get enough magnesium in their diet, that’s why we’ve included a substantial dose in every bottle of Testogen.


Research has proven that testosterone levels are higher in men who have optimum levels of Vitamin D in their system versus those who are vitamin D deficient. This means that adding more vitamin D to your diet will have a positive impact on your levels of free-testosterone. What’s even better is that vitamin D is more effective when combined with key nutrients such as Boron, Vitamin K1 and Magnesium which we have included in TestoGen.


Vitamin K1 plays an important role in the development of bone density which is important as we get older, but did you know that vitamin K1 also assists your body with the absorption of Vitamin D, that’s why we have formulated Testogen to include Vitamin K1 so as to ramp-up the effects that Vitamin D has on your testosterone levels.


Vitamin B6 is an “essential vitamin” that plays an important role in over 100 different body funtions including maintaining ideal testosterone levels. Clinical studies have proven that there is a link between men who who are deficient in Vitamin B and men who have low levels of testosterone. Testogen’s patented formula includes the perfect amount of Vitamin B6 to effectively mantain optimal levels of testosterone.
Eleven of Mother Nature's Most Powerful Testosterone Boosting Ingredients...
Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

TestoGen’s new-improved, triple action formula is the most potent Testosterone booster in the Canadian marketplace, in fact we are so confident in it’s ability to dramatically raise your testosterone levels to new heights that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, If you are not completely satisfied with your results just return the unused portion in the original bottle within 67 days of receipt of your order and we will issue you a full refund.

So you really have nothing to lose. Well, except for the unwanted body fat, diminished libido, elevated cholesterol, being unmotivated, constant fatigue, low stamina, feeling irritable, lack of concentration, aggression, etc, etc, etc… With TestoGen you can kiss all of that goodbye!

Free Canada Wide Shipping

We offer fast, free delivery to every address in Canada. Your order of Testogen will be packaged discreetly so that nobody will know what’s inside except you. So sit back and relax while we arrange to have your order shipped to you as quickly as possible.

It won’t be long before you are experiencing a new-found level of strength, stamina, motivation, mental clarity and the all important sexual vitality — That’s what you can expect from Testogen!

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