What is NO2-MAX?

NO2-MAX is created using a scientifically proven formula containing only the strongest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. NO2-MAX is an incredible nitric oxide booster that is designed to improve blood flow to get more oxygen circling around your body during a workout. It does this by stimulating the production of nitric oxide to the absolute maximum. There are a number of benefits to taking NO2-MAX including higher energy levels, boosted endurance, rapid recovery times following a workout and incredible pumps. 

How NO2-MAX Works 

NO2-MAX works by boosting your natural levels of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is one of the most potent vasodilators, which means that it relaxes your blood vessels and opens them up. The result is that more blood, oxygen, and nutrients reaches your muscles during a workout to boost your strength and stamina while keeping fatigue at bay. The end result is an incredible, long-lasting workout. 

With all of this blood pumping to your muscles you’ll be making longer lasting pumps. All the extra oxygen and glucose speeding to your muscles also speeds up your recovery time following an intense workout. 

NO2-MAX boosts your nitric oxide levels to pump blood and oxygens to your muscles for incredible workouts and pumps. 

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Formulat
  • Huge Gains in Strength 
  • Increases Your Energy and Endurance Levels
  • Powerful Formula Imroves Performance
  • Incredible Pumps
  • Super Fast Recovery Times
  • Lasting Results Without Crashing
  • No Injections, Prescriptions or Adverse Side Effects
  • Every 3rd Product is FREE
  • FREE Canada Wide Shipping


Daily Serving: take 2 capsules daily

Capsule Per Bottle: 60 (= 30 days worth)

Recommended Dose: Swallow 2 capsules with a glass of water about 20 minutes prior to your work out. For maximum results Crazy Bulk recommends using NO2 MAX for at least 2 months in conjunction with a healthy diet & exercise regime.

Suggested workout duration: 2 months

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